Herb Cooking Instructions

Before you begin cooking your herbs, please view our video that takes you through the step by step process.  Click the method of cooking below that you will be using.

Stovetop Cooking

Herb Pot Cooking


Start cooking the herbs as soon as you get home.  Dosage is twice a day, however, if you finish cooking your herbs after 3pm then you will only take one dose that day and then take two doses a day thereafter.


Preparation time: 2 hours
1.  Place ONE (1) small bag of herbs in a large cooking pot that has a lid.  If you have a small plastic solo cup in your herb bag, remove and set aside until step 6.  If you have a paper pouch with a powder or small herb, place the pouch in the water with the rest of the herbs, do not cut open.
2.  Add 10 oz. of water into the cooking pot with the herbs.
3.  Measure the water level inside the cooking pot by putting a wooden spoon, chopstick,..into the water and marking the water level on the spoon or stick.  Set the spoon or stick aside for use during step 5.
4.  Add  40 oz. more water to the cooking pot.  (This amount will need to be adjusted according to how many herbs are in your prescription.  If the herbs are not completely covered with water or barely covered with water, add more water.  For example – If one week you only have a few herbs in one bag, use less water.  If the next week you have more herbs then add more water.  If after cooking the first bag you have too much fluid at the end of two hours then decrease the amount of water when you cook the next bag.)
5.  Put a lid on the pot and bring it to a rapid boil.  If the pot overflows, tilt the lid slightly to release the pressure.  Reduce heat to Med.-High and boil for 2 hours reducing fluid down to approximately 10oz.  Use your measuring stick in step 3 to confirm.  The boil should be rapid.  (check your herbs often to ensure the water is not evaporating too fast.  If after an hour you find your water has evaporated too fast, add more water and add additional time to your cooking).
6.  Strain the broth immediately and discard the herbs.  If you have a little less or a little more than 10 oz., it’s ok, proceed to next step.  If you have a plastic solo cup in your herbs, add contents of the solo cup while broth is very hot and stir to mix thoroughly.
7.  Divide your broth in ½ for two doses.  Drink 1 dose twice a day, warm.  Doses are to be taken in the morning and at night, not too close to bed time.  Taking your herbs before or after a meal will be determined by your physician.  Store broth in refrigerator, reheat broth on stove or microwave.  A microwave does not change the benefits of the herbs.

Note: Herbs may be cooked days in advance.  You may cook two bags together in one pot, however, you must double your water amounts.  Cook down to 20 oz., this will give you 4 doses (2 days).

For questions or concerns please call the office: 321-757-9731