Photo’s and Video’s

Patient: Brenda M., Sharing her artwork that she was able to create after receiving her treatment from Dr. Ni and Lisa Forsythe.  Brenda received improperly mixed compound thyroid medication from Western Medicine, that quickly sent her into a coma for  2 1/2 weeks.  During that time her heart stopped beating and they had to resuscitate her several times, suffered a stroke, her lungs collapsed, all her teeth were broken, came down with Pneumonia, UTI and staff infection.  At this point her doctors thought she was brain dead.  When she came out of the coma she was a quadriplegic, she could not talk, swallow, or move.  Her husband brought her to see Lisa Forsythe and Dr. Ni for treatment.  After five months of treatment Brenda was taking only a low dose of thyroid medication several times a week and was able to discontinue her medication for the high blood pressure, borderline diabetes or high cholesterol as the Chinese Medicine corrected the root cause of these health issues.  And as you can see in the picture she has been able to return to her love of drawing and painting.  (9/2014)