Condition: Memory Issues
In late January, I was having memory issues.  I had heard from several friends to go to Ni’s (Chinese Medial Center) so I did.  My practitioner was and still is Sophia.  She made me feel comfortable with her wonderful demeanor and laugh.  She is gentle and kind…and boy does she know her stuff!  I’m feeling so much better and happy.  And I love that they use herbs rather than pharmaceuticals!  I love thee people, they are kind and helpful.  I wouldn’t go any(where) else for treatment.
~Kim C.

My wife and I have received treatment from Dr. Ni and Sophia over a period of several months.  Their expertise and advise have no equal, the treatments have now shown steady progress by degrees.  We are very happy with every aspect of our healing journey under the care of Ni’s Chinese Medical Center.
~Michael B.

Condition: Severe Cough/Chest Congestion
I had a great experience at Ni’s Chinese Medical Center.  I was in the area for a month and came in for treatment of a severe cough and chest congestion.  The herbs Dr. Ni and Sophia prescribed helped immediately and I was completely better by the time I headed home.  I highly recommend this clinic for holistic care.  Very friendly, professional staff and a pleasant, calming environment.
~Marcia B.

Condition:  Pain & Swelling
My first experience with acupuncture and herbs brought the relief I was hoping for.  Foot and toe pain has been relieved.  Swelling & pain in my knuckles has been relieved.  Unexpected results also are evident in a more calmness in my being as I prepare and then drink the herb tea.  Gratefulness can be easily expressed when I can see and feel a difference in the way I now feel from where I once felt a month ago.  Thank you, Mr. Shaw, for your knowledgeable ways.
~Libby K.

Condition: Shoulder

I was in severe pain due to a pinched nerve in my shoulder right before Christmas.  I called the office and they worked me in because of how bad I was feeling even though I had never been there before.  Lisa worked on me for over two hours and when I left I could put my hand behind my back which I could not do when I arrived.  She told me to stop drinking alcohol and to reduce salt and all spices and nuts.  I was willing to do anything at this point.  I was also given some herbs to assist in the healing process.  I returned to the office after the holidays and was amazed at my progress.  The pain was almost gone and I felt so much better in general.  I worked with Lisa for about a month.  She has helped me with several issues like night sweats and general aches and pains. It is amazing what she can do.  Right now I am on a long term treatment for toe nail fungus.  I would recommend Lisa to anyone for almost anything. One thing I like most is that Lisa is sincerely interested in me and my health.

Condition: Back pain
I’m a hacker, but I love golf.  However, I developed a pain in my lower right back.  Of course this affected the torque of my golf swing.  My wife suggested I see an acupuncture person.  I was very “skeptical” at first, however, after talking with Lisa Forsythe, and having one treatment done, I can say the pain was considerably less.  I went back for additional treatments.  I no longer have the pain in my back, especially while swinging a golf club.  I am no long a “skeptic of acupuncture”.
~William H.

Condition: Frozen right shoulder
I came in to see Lisa for a frozen right shoulder.  I couldn’t raise my arm to the side, front or reach back.  After 3 visits I can now do all of these movements.  I can now continue my daily routine without pain.
~Dennis M.

Condition: Back pain
Twelve years ago I had back surgery. Until recently, I was pain free and then 6 months ago the pain returned.  A friend suggested I try acupuncture.  I have been seeing Lisa Forsythe for 5 weeks for acupuncture treatment and dietary counseling.  Everything she has told me has been right including her diagnosis that night shade vegetables are responsible for much of my pain.  Today I am done with pain…free again!!! Thank you Lisa Forsythe!
~Lolly M.

Condition: Back pain & Sciatica pain
I went to see Lisa with bad back pain & sciatica on my left side. One treatment and I was pain free.  Continued for 10 treatments. She is amazing and her front desk office assistant Carlos is very nice & helpful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
~Leila B. 

Condition: Low Back Pain
When I came to see Lisa, the pain I my lower back & side was about a 9.  I have had 4 treatments and I would say the pain level is about 1 or 2.  A very marked improvement.  In addition to the treatments, I have made a real effort to change my diet to Lisa’s recommendations.  I feel a whole lot better & look forward to playing more golf without the pain & stiffness.  My wife has also had a very positive experience going to Lisa.  I have never had acupuncture before, but I am a believer.

Condition:  Acid Reflux
When we moved to The Villages, one of the first priorities my husband and I had was to get new health care providers.  This was a fairly easy project for The Villages which has many of these to choose from.  We had seen acupuncturists over a span of about 20 years and it was very important to us to find a really competent one.  We thought that this would be impossible to do in The Villages.  How wrong we were.  After attending one of Dr. Bo-Shih Ni and Lisa Forsythe’s seminars we felt very good and both of us made appointments with Lisa Forsythe.  We had a mixture of different ailments – back aches, high blood pressure, acid reflux, even cold hands and feet!  We assumed that Lisa would not be able to treat all of them.  Again, we were completely wrong.  Lisa Forsythe is one of the most knowledgeable and competent acupuncturists e have had over the last 20 years – all over the US and the UK.  My husband’s acid reflux problem is noticeably reduced to the point where he can eat dinner again on a regular basis and he has strong appetite.  Moreover, as measured in a traditional blood test for his internal medicine physician, his kidney functions has improved since we began treatment from Lisa Forsythe.  My blood test also indicated improvements in cholesterol and other areas.  Lisa is extremely knowledgeable in all forms of acupuncture methods, as well as in the use of Chinese herbal medicine.  Her “bed side manner” is wonderful and relaxed.  She puts her patients at ease and is able  explain relationships between food consumption and the body’s health.
~Irene & Melvin H.                                                                                                                                                                       

Condition: Plantar Fasciitis
Nothing was helping to relieve my plantar factitious pain.  I tried P.T., prescription arthritis shoe inserts, anti inflammatory meds, oral steroids and a cortisone injection.  Some days I could barely walk.  A friend asked if I had considered acupuncture.  Out of desperation and with a level of skepticism I  met with Lisa.  Her high level of professionalism and calm manner helped put me at ease and inspired confidence and I began treatment.  After only seven treatments I am pain free!  At the outset, Lisa stated that her goal was to treat me and dismiss me.  That is precisely what happened.  I am a believer.
~Alexandra F.

Chinese medicine is amazing! Dr. Bo really makes sense.  He understands it’s not just about one part of the body, but the whole system.  I could feel improvement after just two days of being on herbs.  3 weeks later I feel so much better.  This is something Western medicine has never been able to accomplish.

Condition:  Eye Pressure (Pre Glaucoma)
My experience in working with Lisa Forsythe on health and healthiness was very rewarding.  I know that Chinese medicine is not an alternative but has been an accepted practice for thousands of years.  Experienced practitioners of acupuncture use highly developed skills in analyzing the body’s organic and systemic patterns.  Within a few months of treatment my eye pressure was reduced.  I have always been health conscious and it was a pleasure to work with Lisa in fine tuning my eating and sleep patterns.  As a results, I have significantly increased may available body energy.  I am 84 years old and move like a woman 25 years younger.
~Wilma Heckler, PhD 

Condition: Fibromyalgia, Frequent UTI’s, Shoulder & Neck Pain, and GI discomfort.
I came to Lisa and Dr. Bo knowing very little about Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, but I was eager to find alternative solutions to my persistent medical issues. Almost immediately after acupuncture treatments I experienced immediate pain relief.  When I began herbal medications and to regard food as medicine, my GI problems and UTI’s stopped.  I feel healthier than I have in years and I lost 30 lbs!  My only regret is that I didn’t add this alternative medical approach to my life much sooner.

Condition: High Blood Pressure, Low Energy
I am a 64 yr. old male and have been a patient of Lisa Forsythe, a licensed acupuncturist at Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, for approximately 4 months.  Since that time I have significantly reduced my blood pressure to a point medications are not needed.  I have lost 23 pounds and my stamina and energy have greatly improved to a point I now feel like exercising and dancing at least 4 to 6 times a week.  Thanks to her care and treatment I’m feeling much better with increased mental focus and sexual virility.

Condition: Skin and Vision
Catherine Coudray’s acupuncture treatments have had awesome results.  My skin is healed and I am blown away at the clarity of my vision.  My appetite has improved.  I have been very impressed with the results of my acupuncture treatments and highly recommend you to everyone.
~Claire H.

Condition: Leg Pain
Lisa Forsythe is a well known expert in the field of Chinese acupuncture.  I was skeptical when I arrived and 95% healed when I left.  Since I have not had any “new” pain in my leg.  I have shared my success story with several people.  We need to tell others.  Getting old is not fun but you need all the help you can get!
~Nancy R. C.

Condition: Shoulder Pain
Since seeing Lisa Forsythe my shoulder is better and I’m not having the pain that I did.  I plan to have more treatment, but I think I’m doing ok for now.  It was great to meet Lisa.  I’m intrigued by the process of acupuncture – and it surely helped me!
~Christine A.

Condition: Dystonia & Photophobia
In 1996, my eyelids started blinking uncontrollably (gradually worsened).  Neurologist diagnosed focal dystonia & photophobia.  In a few years, dystonia spread to lower face & neck with muscles moving in a very exaggerated way until chewing and talking were a real chore.  This was exhausting as well as embarrassing, much of the time my face looked as if I was grimacing.  Medication with many side effects and Botox were tried but did not help.  Botox relaxed muscles temporarily but also “leaked” into adjacent muscles.  I had read about acupuncture in my research for help and when I heard Lisa speak in a seminar, I decided to try the Chinese Medicine approach.  I have completed about 4 months of Chinese herbs prescribed by Dr. Bo-Shih Ni, acupuncture with Lisa Forsythe and lifestyle changes (diet & distressing) as suggested by Dr. Ni & Lisa.  Although not completely back to normal, it is much less intense and chewing is not such a struggle.
~Nancy G.

Condition: Breast Cancer
I had surgery for breast cancer in April of 2014.  I started seeing Dr. Ni and Lisa Forsythe in late June of 2014.  I knew I was not going to do the regular route of Chemo and radiation, so I started receiving acupuncture and treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  This is a different path of treatment compared to Western medicine.  I was treated for the root cause of the imbalance in my body.  TCM looks at which meridians in my body are congested or where the energy is stagnant.  There could be too much heat or too much cold, or stagnation/congestion.  TCM has been used for thousands of years.  They address both the body, mind and spirit.  The emotional and areas of stress are just as important as the physical.  Dr. Ni stressed the emotional aspect from the beginning of my visit.  Letting go of anything and everything that contributed to any stress in my life was an essential part of my healing.  One area of interest was my stomach meridian.  Most of the energy flowing through my stomach meridian and digestive system was congested or stagnant energy not flowing properly.  This is the area of the body where 85% of the immune system lies and this meridian also flows through the breast.  I used the herbs given to me by Dr. Ni, to make a tea and drink it twice daily.  The herbs were specifically formulated for me consisting of several different herbs.  I had been juicing several times a day when I came to see Dr. Ni and Lisa, and they suggested that I stop juicing since raw vegetables were much harder to digest and my digestion was weak to begin with.  That was a difficult change for me, but I felt doing that was important for my healing.  Dr. Ni and Lisa Forsythe are excellent and extremely qualified in their fields.  I would not hesitate to recommend their expertise to anyone looking for a balanced and complete approach to healing without drugs and getting to the root cause of imbalances.  I see Dr. Ni and Lisa as needed to keep my body in balance.  I intend to come back during seasonal changes and get a tune up to stay clean and clear.  Dr. Ni and Lisa Forsythe are a wonderful team.  I believe their energy is also a part of the treatment.  They offer advice that I graciously accepted as part of my healing journey.  I work with them and I take a major role in my own healing.
~Carol Ann F.

Condition: Sciatica
Lisa Forsythe is very good at what she does. In just three weeks going to Lisa I went from 40% to 90% better with very painful sciatica.  Thank you Lisa.  I’m back to playing pickleball and other things I love to do.
~Robert B.

Condition: Severe Restless Leg Syndrome
Lisa Forsythe gave me my life back.  I have had restless legs for years, but the past year they became extremely restless.  I had taken medication for them, but all of a sudden it seemed I needed more and more pills and still was not getting relief.  When I came to Lisa I had not slept in three days, as the only relief I could get was when I walked.  I had even had to cancel a trip to Ireland, for a family wedding, because I could not sit still long enough to fly there.  Lisa’s treatments have completely cured my restless legs.  I sleep all night, I can sit and talk to people, and will be planning another trip to Ireland, in the near future.  I am off my medication and feel like a new person.  My family is happy to have me back from the fog I was living in, because of all the medication I was taking to try to get relief.  On my first visit Lisa said her goal was to see that I could take that trip to Ireland.  I haven’t yet, but because of her treatments I can now start planning.  Thank you Lisa!
~John O’F

Condition: Rosacea Blepharitis
In February 2015, I heard Lisa Forsythe talk (licensed acupuncturist) at the Para Psychology Club.  Suffering from Rosacea Bleparitis with little relief from “conventional” medicine, I chose to go see Ms. Forsythe.  After 10 acupuncture treatments, a suggestive diet change and my condition greatly improved. I went from itching to no itching and minor blurring of my eyes.  Not to mention, I lost 17 lbs.  I highly recommend a visit to see Ms. Forsythe for alterative health solutions.
~Cheryl B.

Condition: Breathing, Digestion
Over the years I developed some breathing and digestive problems which I felt might be treatable in a non-invasive or pharmaceutical way.  Fortunately I was recommended to Lisa Forsythe.  Lisa, in addition to being a well trained and highly experienced in Chinese medicine, spends time questioning ones diet, activities, anxieties, etc. that may be contributing factors.  She then recommends changes and applies acupuncture techniques that can alleviate and hopefully cure the problems.  In my case she was extremely helpful and I am grateful to her for allowing me to continue my life free of these conditions.
~Myron H.

Condition: Shingles
I came down with a case of shingles on the right side of my face.  I went to 2 medical doctors and both prescribed pain pills (which I knew I could not take for any length of time).  As a last resort I tried acupuncture and I’m so glad I did.  I learned so much about my immune system and my body in general.  Lisa Forsythe helped me understand how to take care of my body so I can fight off diseases.  If I ever have anymore problems I will not hesitate to contact Lisa again.
~Elaine B.

Condition: Knee
I finished with my treatments and have been doing great.  When I started I was in pain.  I have been taking herbs and eating differently.  I have even lost weight.  Every week I kept improving.  We started with a low percentage and by the time I finished I was at 90%.  I was even able to walk up the flight of stairs to my appointment with no pain.
~Evelyn S.

Condition: Sciatica on my right side.
I came to Ni’s Chinese Medical Center to be treated by Lisa Forsythe as a last resort.  That was my mistake, because it should have been my first resort.  In the future it will be the first place I go.  I had sciatica on my right side for 11 months, having given up golf and just normal everyday activities because of the pain down my right side.  Other medical professionals had not been able to help me other than telling me to use heat and ice and take “pain pills”.  Lisa treated the root cause and within 3 weeks my pain was gone and I could resume my life again.  I will tell you I was skeptical, but I’m a great believer now in traditional Chinese medicine and in Lisa Forsythe.  When you start treatment with Lisa be sure and ask her to tell you the “horse” story and acupuncture.
~John W.

Condition: Rheumatoid & osteoarthrosis. Degeneration of cervical disc & lumbosacral disc.

My husband & I spent a month in China with a medical group.  I have had first hand experience with acupressure & acupuncture, etc.  Lisa Forsythe was asked to help me because of her excellent training & background.  I started seeing her in 2014 & she checked my tongue & carefully went over all I call the “what’s  & where’s”.  There was a confidence level that I liked.  I knew this was not going to be a quick fix.  I am 72 years old and to add to my problems I fell in December 2014.  Because of my fall; walking & working in our garden wasn’t as fun as it used to be.
As I started feeling better, Lisa went after certain I call “hard pain” that had management problems (control was short lived).  There were good times too.  During a visit I was sitting in a chair with no arms and was trying to get up (with great difficulty).  Lisa said “I can see a problem, come here.”  The needles were inserted & she got me up.  Lisa had me sit down, get up, sit down, and get up.  I had absolutely no pain!!!  I easily was able to sit down and get back up again.  This was totally unbelievable & wonderful.  Another visit I told her my sleep was worse than usual because I would wake with cervical pain.  This was stopped with acupuncture and some teaching on pillow placement.  I am walking with care and have started back with my tai chi classes.  We travel frequently to see family and I told Lisa that I have talked about her and that she must stay well because I never know when I might need her.
~Diana Sue S.

Condition: Acid Reflux, Neuropathy, Stress Fracture
I have been a patient of Catherine Coudray’s for the last few months.  I cannot say enough about her as a physician and as a great and caring person.  She has treated me with success for Acid Reflux, Neuropathy, Stress Fracture swelling and healing, sore throat and dizziness regarding the muscles in my eyes, etc.  I’m sure there were a few other things along the way.  She always has the well being of her patients in mind when she does the treatments.  It’s my pleasure to have her as my physician when I’m in Florida.
~Catherine W.

Condition: Migraine Headaches
I have had migraine headaches daily for the past 4 years, with sometimes nausea and vomiting.  After just one acupuncture treatment, my first ever acupuncture, gave me much relief lasting 5 days.  I had only one episode of headache which was much less intense with no nausea or vomiting and better yet, less lengthy.  I am very happy with my result and would recommend Catherine Coudray to anyone that is suffering with pain.  Thank you! Catherine Coudray.
~Devon S.

Condition: Headaches
I sought treatment with Lisa Forsythe for chronic, daily headaches.  I began to see a decrease in headaches almost immediately.  With each treatment my headaches became not only less intense but also less frequent.  Now, after 3 months of treatments, my headaches are gone.  I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to give Chinese medicine an honest try.  Lisa took her time in evaluating me and my concerns and I am absolutely thrilled with my results!
~James C.

Condition: Headaches/Stomach – Gallbladder pain

Western Medical doctors found no gallbladder problems. Ultrasound and blood tests were ok. However, continued pain and bloating.  My headaches and post menopausal condition was being treated by medical doctors, but little relief.  I heard of Ni’s Chinese Medical Center from friends at church, it helped them greatly.  They believed it was a miracle.  I had relief from my first visit with headaches and continued with acupuncture treatments.  The bloating, stomach, gallbladder pain has been reduced too.  I continue on herbal treatment.  I would and have recommended the Chinese medical center to others.  I see Lisa Forsythe for Acupuncture.
~Linda O.

Condition: Lung Cancer/Bad Back
I have been an advocate of acupuncture therapy for many years.  My experience this winter in The Villages at Dr. Bo-Shih Ni’s with Lisa Forsythe was extremely beneficial.  Her expert advice on herbal medicines and diet cleared up many of my existing problems and decreased the nagging pain in my back.
~Phyllis V.

Condition: Heartburn, Knee pain
Lisa’s treatments have changed my life!  I had been taking Nexium & Tums every day.  After the first acupuncture in January, I have not taken any Nexium or Tums since.  I had also been using Ibuprofen for knee pain every day, and had not been able to go for walks.  Since Lisa’s treatments, I have taken no Ibuprofen or any other pain medication.  I am now pain free and feel great.  I am walking 1 hour 3 x’s a week, as well as taking exercise classes 3 x’s a week.  Also of note, my blood pressure has gone from 168/92 to 122/62!  I have also lost 12 pounds with Lisa’s nutritional advise.  Thank you Lisa.  I would recommend Lisa and acupuncture to everyone and have suggested her to several friends.
~Mara T.

Condition:  Arm/Shoulder Injury
I had injured my arm/shoulder after a fall on a pickle ball court in March 2014.  There was a small tear and a lot of inflammation.  There was a lot of therapy, steroids and pain pills.  This November 2014, the inflammation was back and any arm movement was painful.  I decided to try acupuncture.  After 5-6 treatments the inflammation was in check, and I have more movement in my arm than in the past year.  Thank you for the acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  It works!
~Carol T.

Condition: Bursitis
Thank you for the treatment and acupuncture for my right hip.  Upon the completion of this problem by Lisa Forsythe, I am now able to participate in my favorite activity – softball, pain free and run better than I ever did before.  Also, the Chinese herbs and the suggestions for eating habits, sleeping, and control of what we put in o ur mouth has made all the difference in the world.  Again, thank you to Lisa and Ni’s Chinese Medical Center for rehabilitating my entire body and outlook on life.
~Bob T.

Condition: Low Back Pain
I went to Lisa Forsythe in extreme pain and she was able to help me on the first visit.  I had three additional treatments to correct other lingering problems and I FEEL GREAT!  I will definitely use “Lisa” when and if I need her services again.

Condition: Sciatic Nerve Pain
I was suffering with sciatic nerve pain and walking with difficulty.  I called Bo-Shih Ni’s office and spoke with Marsha in Eau Gallie (Melbourne office), she provided friendly, helpful information and was hopeful and inviting.  She told me Catherine Coudray could see me right away.  Catherine Coudray interviewed me and began opening the pathways to recovery.  One session produced dramatic results.  More progress than 12 chiropractor adjustments (zero chiropractic results).  Two more sessions brought me from crippling pain to productive mobility.  Catherine, Marsha and Bo-Shih Ni produce beauty and virtue to the release of chronic pain.
~Mark F.

Condition: Motion Sickness/Fibromyalgia
Because of prior success with acupuncture and motion sickness, I went to see Lisa before a scheduled cruise.  During my intake visit I told Lisa about other health concerns, especially fibromyalgia and the consequences of taking the medicine for that and high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and IBS.  Lisa asked for 30 days of my life to regulate my body to a healthier diet, receive acupuncture, and take some Chinese herbs.  I did it!  I gave Lisa 30 days and now I am almost totally free of aches and pains, joint stiffness, IBS, and fatigue.  I am so much more aware of the effect various foods have on my system.  Eliminating sugar has been the most difficult, but with Lisa’s continued support and her acupuncture treatments I feel in control of how my body feels.  I will continue with monthly maintenance treatments, taking my Chinese herbs, and listening to Lisa’s common sense advice.
~Rosemary C.

Condition: Neck & Lower Back Pain, Fatigue

“After blood work, which resulted in nothing of concern, I was frustrated to be so tired with no cause.  I had attended a workshop with Lisa and Dr. Bo-Shih Ni and was hopeful they would be able to address my physical problems.  After the second week I lost 7 pounds and currently I am 13 pounds lighter.  My energy has returned to “normal”.  In fact, I recently medaled in three swimming events at The Villages Senior Games.  No longer do I have any aches or pains.  Even my knee pain is non-existent even though I was sure after three knee replacements to the same knee that I would grin and bare it.  Not so!  They are the best!”
~Vicki S.

Condition: Intestinal, liver, kidney, bladder
“Lisa was my ‘life saver’. Literally!!  Never have I met such a warm, caring, intelligent individual.  She is a ‘wealth’ of knowledge, and as we know ‘health is wealth’.  Neck pain gone after 45 years. Leg pain helped.  Intestinal helped.  I will be gone for six months but I will be back to see her.  I will miss her.  What a wonderful experience.  Thank you Lisa.”
~Jane M. 

Condition: Postherpetic Neuralgia
I was diagnosed with Shingles in Sept. 2013.  It broke out on my right arm, shoulder and back.  My doctor gave me an anti-viral and pain medication and informed me that there is not much he could do for the pain and burning, but it should go away in a few weeks or months.  The rash did eventually go away, but the pain and burning continued and was very severe.  I was unable to continue daily activities and was housebound in excruciating pain.  I tried laser, home remedies, and any other medicines that I could find or was told about.  Nothing was helping and I was getting weaker and mentally fatigued from the severe pain and burning.  In February 2014, I went to health meeting and Lisa Forsythe was  a guest speaker on acupuncture.  After listening to her talk about Chinese Medicine I knew that this was something I had to try.  I made an appointment the next day with Lisa and started acupuncture and taking the Chinese herbs.  Each treatment I began to feel better and went from a pain scale of 10 down to a 1 in only a month.  I have continued to take the herbs and am back to a nearly normal lifestyle.  I thank Lisa and her commitment to this type of medicine.  I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to better their health.
~Frani K.

Condition: Lower back & leg pain
“I had seven months of pain in my lower back and legs.  A majority of that time I was walking with a can.  I went to my Chiropractor and he helped to a point but this time was different.  He was able to align my spine but I still had pain.  So I decided enough was enough and I called Dr. Bo’s office.  I was able to get an appointment immediately with Lisa.  What a God send that was.  On my first visit with Lisa I knew I was in the right place for help.  Lisa’s passion in acupuncture and her compassion for her patient was outstanding and comforting knowing she was going to help me.  After that first visit I got off the table and I had no pain.  Lisa did explain just like Chiropractic care that 1 treatment will last to a point, but with each treatment the window of being pain free will be longer.  Each visit my pain diminished until my last visit when I was able to go in and tell Lisa that I had no pain since my last appointment and I had slept through the night.  I have not slept through the night in twenty years.  I do not know who was more excited me or Lisa, when I told her all that.  From now on once a month I will be visiting my Chiropractor but I will add Lisa to the mix to keep my body in perfect balance and harmony.”
~C. Smith

Condition: Back pain
“I began seeing Lisa due to my low back pain.  I also have high cholesterol.  With acupuncture and a plant based diet my back pain was greatly reduced.  Also, in 3 months my cholesterol dropped 100 points!  Dr. Bo finished off my back pain with his “broth”.  I am very pleased with my progress!”
~L. Clark

Condition: Sleeplessness
“Lisa, thank you so much for the miracle of a good night sleep.  You have certainly worked a miracle in just 5 days!”

Condition: Foot pain/swollen
(Note: Heather first came into the office in a wheelchair as her pain left her unable to walk.)
I struggled for 8 months without being able to walk. My left foot was swollen and purple, and I couldn’t walk on it, at all. This had popped up out of nowhere one day, and I had no idea why. I went to the emergency room; they did X-rays, and nothing. After that initial visit to the emergency room, I started seeing doctors, after doctors, going to other hospitals, getting MRIs done, and so on. This went on for 8 months, and I was getting discouraged real quickly. I started getting bouts of depression. A family friend then told us of Dr. Bo, and how he had helped our friend with his severe migraines. After all my family and I had been through, we figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try a visit to Dr. Bo. We made an appointment and waited. On my first visit with Dr. Bo he was very kind and really concerned about my issue. I explained what had been going on, and he left his office only to return with a few acupuncture needles, and literally within minutes he told me my problem. It was my kidney. My kidney had been weakened over time. Dr. Bo then proceeding to place the needles in specific areas, and then instructed me to walk around his office, and I DID! After so many months of no luck or hope with other doctors, I was in Dr. Bo’s office, walking around! I couldn’t help but get emotional. After two more visits, I was back to normal, no, I was BETTER than normal. Dr. Bo may not be a miracle worker, but he’s a miracle to me. And I will always be grateful and appreciative of him and his caring.
~Heather E. 

Condition: IBS

I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and in a great deal of pain.  Lisa used acupuncture along with diet changes to treat me.  I have noticed a definite improvement in my symptoms, much less pain and bloating, an over all feeling of well being.  I also lost 12 pounds in about 6 weeks.
~Linda J. 

Condition: Back pain/lower rt side pain
I had success in Wisconsin with Acupuncture and herbal treatments about 25 yrs. ago with back pain, so I thought I would see Lisa and Dr. Bo.  They both treated me for about a month and the results are fabulous!  I am totally pain free!  My lesson was to have patience as it took about 2 weeks to see the results and then I improved every day.  So give it time and put up with the taste of the herbs – it will be worth it!!  It’s wonderful not to have pain and I can’t thank Lisa and Dr. Bo for their help enough!  I would highly recommend them for whatever “ails” you.
~B. Fuss, The Villages 

Condition: Cardiovascular/Kidney
Going to a doctor isn’t one of my favorite things, but seeing Lisa is both uplifting and encouraging even when she’s being stern as to what she feels you should be doing.  It’s obvious her care for you is personalized and she puts herself into your needs.  She is a delight of personalized information for you.  My experience with her, as an educated care giver, was both joyful and encouraging.
~D. Rominger 

Condition: Chronic Shoulder, Hip, Lower Leg Pain
 I had lots of chronic pain in my right shoulder, my left hip and left lower leg.  I had controlled the pain with ibuprofen but realized that might lead to stomach problems later.  My doctor offered no help, so I tried a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  Again, very limited and temporary relief.  Lisa Forsythe first treated me early in June 2013 and I immediately had some relief from my pain.  We continued with acupuncture (multiple times per week); and herbal medicines; and dietary changes (limited alcohol and dairy intake).  My pain reduced substantially and continuously throughout treatment.  In mid-September 2013 my wife and I left for a European vacation that required lots of walking on difficult surfaces.  Although I continued to take the herbal medicine, I had no acupuncture treatments and I had almost no pain!  Since returning to the States, I have been virtually pain-free.  I have tapered my herbal medicine down and expect to discontinue their use by end of October 2013.  I would unequivocally recommend Lisa Forsythe’s services to anyone suffering chronic pain.  She has helped me to again enjoy a virtually pain-free life.  Thanks Lisa!
~Mr. J. Douglas 

Condition: Chronic Knee Pain
 I first began getting acupuncture from Lisa in June.  I was battling chronic knee pain.  She treated me once or twice a week for about two and half months with time out for travel.  I began to see improvement immediately and am now able to do all my usual activities…walking, line dance, golf…with minimal discomfort.  I no longer wake up in the night because of pain in my knees.  I’m a believer and know I can come back for a tune-up anytime if the knee begins to hurt again.
~Mrs. J.Douglas 

Condition: Miscarriages
I suffered several miscarriages prior to my second pregnancy.  I was referred to Dr. Bo through a friend and after about 4 months of weekly visits and herbal teas, I got pregnant!  I saw him throughout my pregnancy and delivered a very healthy baby girl!  Thank you Dr. Bo!

Condition: Knee pain and recovery from broken leg
Thanks to Lisa and Dr. Bo, I am doing exceptionally well.  My knee is 100% and the rapid, uncomplicated recovery has impressed both my surgeon and the Physical Therapists.  The goals I set during one of our first meetings have been met.  I am totally pain free with full range of motion and my endurance now surpasses what it was before I broke my leg and I have lost 45 pounds.  I continue to follow the diet restrictions fairly closely but do enjoy a wine now and then.  My life is so much better thanks to the treatment I received.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart not for helping me get my life back, but for helping me to get a better and healthier life.
~E. Hackett 

Condition: Arthritis in both shoulders
In 2005 I had to give up my favorite activity of tennis.  I had difficulty carrying out normal household chores, and the pain was constant.  For more than 8 years I had been receiving medical advice from two Doctors, my Family Doctor and a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. I spent hundreds of dollars trying many supplements without relief, my golf handicap went from an 8 to 16, and my energy level was extremely low.
Two and a half months ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Lisa, who spoke at our Holistic Health Club in The Villages.  I began receiving treatment from Dr. Bo and Lisa, presently the pain and discomfort on a scale of 1 to 10 is about a 2.  My energy level has returned, my memory has improved and I feel better than I have in many years.
The restriction in my shoulder movement has greatly improved and I expect to be back on the tennis courts in the not to distant future.  I enjoy the pleasure of Motor Cycle Riding and recently purchased a second and bigger cycle.  At 78 years of age I have been given a new lease on life.
Thank you Dr. Bo and Lisa.
I will spread the word of treatment of Chinese Traditional Medicine.
~R. Smith 

Condition: Back & Digestion
I came to see Lisa 3 weeks ago – had got into ‘bad habits” eating the wrong things and drinking to much alcohol.  In three weeks I have done everything I was told to do food wise and no alcohol.  With this change to my lifestyle, herbs and acupuncture I am a new woman.  I have lost 10lbs. almost no back pain and my digestive system has made a 100% turn around.
I feel so well and good about myself again, after years of blah!
Thank you LIsa for all your help and concern in helping me get my life back.
~T. Little 

Condition: Low energy, not sleeping well and chronic pain
After seeing Dr. Bo and drinking herb broth, my energy started to get better.  Then I started to have less pain in my side.  After a few months the pain in my side was entirely gone…I had suffered with this pain since 1999 after having a surgery.  I had seen several MD’s for this pain and it still persisted.  So this has been absolutely wonderful.  Also, I sleep all night, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy life.
~Carol C. 

Condition: Type II Diabetes, Gerds & Skin Cancer
My blood sugar is stabilized at 100-110 each morning.  Stopped taking 2000mg of Metformin per day, also stopped taking 40mg of Omeprazole for Gerds.  Skin cancers are changing and skin is much clearer and better hydrated.  I feel 100% better over all, taking far fewer drugs.

~D. Lapp 

I had a great acupuncturist in Virginia Beach and hoped to find one here – found her in Lisa.
I knew what to expect and used alternative medicine before.  Lisa quickly identified the root cause, gave me a helpful tip to relieve pain and referred me to Dr. Bo for additional help.  I am pain free and back to my active, healthy activity level without pain.
~D. Mollura

Condition:  Cancer
Dr. Bo has done wonders for myself and my fiance.  After both of us were diagnosed with cancer and received medical treatments, we had been told of Dr. Bo and chose to seek post treatment to place our bodies into balance for over a year.  We continue to progress well, feel good and receive excellent medical reports.  Thank you!

~M. Skinner 

Condition:  Stroke side effects
After having a stroke 1 1/2 yrs. ago, prior to going through the normal rehab process, I decided to try acupuncture and herbs.  The left side of my body was affected, face, arm, hand and foot.  I experienced numbness, paralysis, tingling, etc.
Fortunately I could walk, although a little unsteady.  I started acupuncture with Lisa on May 8th, by the first week in June, I definitely saw improvement in my smile, tingling in foot and hand subsided, hand and foot were warm instead of cold, energy level has increased, better appetite, improvement in balance and coordination.
I look forward to continued improvement with additional treatments.  Lisa is a gem.
~Doretta Helms

Condition:  Hypothyroid
I am writing this as a testimony to the healing power of herbs.  I had hypothyroid issues and was on daily medicine but I knew there had to be a natural cure.  My doctor told me there wasn’t, but I was determined to find one.  I tried a “cure” from the internet but it didn’t work and then I was told about Dr. Bo-Shih Ni!  I went to him and he told me to quit eating sugar, breads, etc. for a short time and take herbs.  Well, it worked!  I lost 8 lbs. in 11 days and went back to my doctor for blood work 4 months later and she said I no longer had hypothyroidism and to keep up what I was doing.  Thank you Dr. Bo.

~Terynna Koehler 

Condition:  Back pain
After a year of having bad back pain and going to 2 chiropractors and 1 acupuncturist (out of state) and not having good results, I came to Florida for vacation and met with Dr. Bo-Shih Ni & Lisa and after 2 weeks I am going back home to Massachusetts with no pain.  Thank you Dr. Bo & Lisa.


Dear Lisa, Thanks for helping me with my problem.  I can now travel again to see my family.  This means a lot to me at my age.  Wish you many, many blessings.  Thank you.
~Barbarba G. 

Condition:  Shingles
On Oct. 5, 2012 I got shingles around my left side.  I went to 4 different dr’s and a pain clinic, took 4 different pain killers to no effect.  I wore patches (lidocaine) and other treatments.  I couldn’t wear a shirt or drive or anything.  I was absolutely miserable for almost 6 months.  On a whim I decided to try acupuncture.  Found Dr. Bo-Shih and Lisa in the phone book.  They gave me 3 treatments.  After eight days I was 98% better.  I can hardly believe it!  I never quite believed in acupuncture, but I sure do now!  Thanks Dr. Bo and Lisa.  Great job!
~Joe G. 

Condition:  Back pain
After doctors tried everything to help me with my back pain, nothing helped, and I went to see Dr. Bo. After the first week of treatment, the pain was much less. Now, after nearly 2 years of seeing Dr. Bo my quality of life is so much improved and I can enjoy living again. Thank you so much, Dr. Bo!

P.S. My wife also was being treated for foot pain, which was gone after a month of treatment, avoiding foot surgery. Now she is seeing Dr. Bo to stay healthy. We both recommend Dr. Bo. He is the best!
~Lee B.

Condition:  Herniated discs
Dr. Bo saved me from neck surgery (herniated discs). After around 6 sessions I no longer had headaches/pain/pressure which I had lived with for 5 yrs.


Condition:  Respiratory disease
Dr. Bo has succeeded in reversing my respiratory disease. He is working on my Meniere’s Disease which I’m feeling much better. Office Staff is Fantastic!

~Margaret-Mary Young

Condition:  Heart
I was giving up on being cured from heart trouble. After bypass surgery, I was clogged again in 9 months, full of chemicals from heart dies and not able to hardly breathe. After two treatments from Dr. Bo I was opened up and able to breathe normally. It has been 1 and 1/2 years now and I never clogged again!! I believe his treatment literally saved my life! He was my last resort and I thank God for leading me to his natural healing process and for Dr. Bo and his Staff.

~Mike Coven

Thank you, Dr. Bo, for keeping me feeling wonderful into my 50’s! From head to toe, your treatments (although the herbs are not so delicious) always are right on the mark. I appreciate the time you spend answering my questions, and appreaciate the great staff that helps keep the office running so well.
~Connie F. Hayes

Dr. Bo is the best! He has been taking care of my family for years now. He is respectful, compassionate and dedicated to healing.
~Susan M.

My husband was a skeptic until he witnesed firsthand how quick acupuncture is. He has known for many years the long lasting effects of the herbal remedies. We both tell everyone we see that TCM is the way to go. I carry Dr. Bo’s card with me and when I hear someone complain, I share the card and one of my stories. From a broken toe to a flu epidemic at work; from peri-menopause symptoms, to anger management and stress relief or weight management – whatever has ailed me, Dr. Bo has helped me find the balance I need to cure myself. Thank you, and may you never see me again…I feel terrific!
~Mary Brotherton

January 2008
~E. Probst comments on her Traditional Chinese Medicine experience:
As you enter the office, the fragrance lets you know that this isn’t a regular doctor’s office. A green, herbal smell replaces that sterile, alcohol odor. Framed Chinese writings and pictures adorn the walls. Oriental music calms the spirit and no one is rushing anywhere. Five thousand years of collective Chinese wisdom inform the decisions of Dr. Bo-Shih Ni who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and brings health to patients. Dr. Bo is treating me and has changed my life. I’m so thankful I trusted him to do for me, that which Western medicine never could. Western doctors searched for eight years to come up with the name of the condition I had. Dr. Bo could care less about a “name”. Western doctors gave me pharmaceuticals to help relieve my symptoms. If one actually worked, the “side effects” made me worse than the original complaint. Dr. Bo gives me herbs to treat the cause of my symptoms and I get “side benefits.” Western doctors say, “this medicine works for most people with your problem.” Dr. Bo says, “Let’s find out exactly what your system needs to correct that specific problem” and creates a remedy for me alone. Western doctors expect me to listen to them. Dr. Bo listens to me, my specific symptoms and to what my body is saying. Dr. Bo checks the condition of each organ. What he wants to know is simple. Are these organs (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs) too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry? Balance is health. Any excess or dificiency causes problems. To find out the condition of these organs, he takes my “pulses”. As a Western doctor takes the pulse of your heart at the wrist point, so Dr. Bo uses that same point to check the pulse of each organ. He presses gently, then more firmly and then deeply on both wrists. He sits quietly and listens to my lungs, liver, digestive system, kidney and heart pulse rates. This information combined with my very specific descriptions of symptoms helps him prescribe type and amount of herbs. Communication between a TCM doctor and patient involves many aspects. Questioning is a vital part of prescribing the herbal remedy. Answers must be very specific in order for the herbs to be correct. The patient is taught to pay close attention to his/her body and report what it reveals. The body also communicates its condition to the doctor through checking pulses. Written communication is evident through minimal record keeping that TCM doctors are required to do in the United States. Doctors “in country” do not keep specific patient records since they believe they either cure the patient quickly or dismiss them if they can’t be helped. The Chinese belief of “All things in balance” is communicated non-verbally through the peaceful office, art work, music and fragrance meant to balance the frantic world outside his office. My need for communication drives Dr. Bo crazy. I ask millions of questions in an attempt to understand the Chinese way. Many times Dr. Bo has an answer that I understand. Other times, he replies, “Even if I tell you, you will not know.” Mostly that reply comes when I ask which herb he’s given me. I also hear Chinese when there is no equivalent English word. Dr. Bo is also very skilled in telling stories to represent the Chinese belief he’s trying to communicate to me. I would equate them to parables. One aspect of his communication that fascinates me is Dr. Bo’s use of a website to advertise his business and educate his patients. What a contrast five thousand year old information conveyed on the internet!
The Chinese culture seems to value education. Dr. Bo holds seminars often to teach Westerners about TCM and preservation of health. He returns to China regularly to learn more and to purchase herbs.  He has written many brochures and newsletters that help educate. When I have asked for a “stream of consciousness”as he takes my pulses and puts together the herbs, I am astounded at the details he must consider. There are literally hundreds of herbs in this office. He must know which herbs work together and which oppose each other. He knows which organ an herb supports and which it will weaken. He knows which I react to and which I can tolerate. He is always considering the Chinese need for “balance”. His remedies are almost always strong, quick and accurate. Occasionally when a remedy doesn’t work as he expects it to, he will reply “You are a mystery.” I’ve learned to trust him more than I do my body’s response. Tradtional Chinese Medicine has helped me appreciate just how ancient the Chinese culture is. I can better understand their reverence for the wisdom of their elderly. I better understand the concept of balance in all things. I understand the need for respecting another culture’s perspective and for honoring the difference. My glimpse into the Chinese culture helps me to examine and re-evaluate the values of our own American culture.

Condition:  Lungs
Dr. Bo was really helpful with the treatment of my lungs. I had congestion for a long time and the herbs cleared it up and I can breath better. GREAT TREATMENTS FOR LUNGS.


June 2008
Yesterday-when I read Ps. 118:7, “The Lord is for me among those who help me,” Dr. Bo came to mind. Healing hasn’t been a miracle for me, but the process of making choices for recovery. I choose to act on all that Dr. Bo instructs; changing eating habits, no dairy, and drinking Dr. Bo’s herbal tea with a thankful attitude and prayer.
Today-I am able to read and write. I fall less. The prior 24×7 debilitating headaches are few. My eye and hand coordination is improving.
Tomorrow-My hope is to drive again and claim “Good Health”.
~S. Dillard

February 2009
At 43 yrs. of age I was tired, coughing, sneezing, body aches, fatigued, not sleeping well and leaking urine. I do not smoke, or have an unhealthy diet; although I did drink coffee and have a crazy overworked schedule. Now 2 weeks after following Dr. Bo’s regimine to a tee; I have none of these symptoms! I am very grateful and will continue to stabilize and maintain.