Corrective Care – Getting to the ROOT of the problem

What is Corrective Care?
Corrective care differs from relief care in that it’s goal is to get rid of the symptoms or pain while correcting the cause of the problem as well. Corrective care varies in its length or time, but is more lasting. For example, a person might have headaches which resulted from blockage of Chi (energy) in a meridian (road construction on the highway). The blockage can cause an effect which is a reduction in blood supply to the head which in turn results in a headache.

Relief focuses on the symptoms: the headaches. Relief care would be similar to taking aspirin which, although it may temporarily alleviate the headaches, does nothing to correct the cause.
Corrective care focuses on making certain the blocked Chi – the cause – is corrected and therefore the headaches – the result – are gone.

The difference between relief care and corrective care can be illustrated by the following. Let’s say your house is cold because your furnace is not producing heat. For relief care you could buy an electric heater which could take care of your immediate discomfort. In the long run, however, running an electric heater is both less effective and more expensive than fixing the furnace.
Correction would have been to simply fix the furnace. Although it may have cost more initially, it would save you money in the long run.

How long does corrective care take?
Since each person is unique, the number of treatments and the length of time varies from one person to another. The determining factors are the severity and history of each person’s health problem, as well as the general health of the individual. Other factors are the patient’s attitude, diet, lifestyle, and determination. Usually one treatment per week is necessary to begin with. Many conditions can be alleviated very rapidly with acupuncture and herbs. Our goal is to make you feel better which is experienced when the symptoms begin to disappear, however, this is not the time to stop your treatment. Dr. Bo will determine by your internal pulses when a complete correction has taken place. Not everyone can reach complete correction. Sometimes a person’s problem has reached a point that complete correction is impossible. Dr. Bo will inform you of the severity of your problem and if correction is possible. If complete correction is not possible, then Dr. Bo will work to bring your health up to its greatest potential.

Great reason to continue care
Continue Your Progress: The body takes longer to heal than the pain or symptoms last. Continuing care encourages your body to heal completely and faster than on-again, off-again treatments.

Prevent a Relapse: Without continued care, your organs and Chi will return to their unhealthy state. Part of the corrective care phase retains and stabilizes proper Chi flow. Following all of the recommendations Dr. Bo makes (dietary, lifestyle, etc.) will ensure a relapse does not occur. Once a complete correction has taken place, be sure to keep your health in check by returning every 6 months for a complete health checkup.

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