The Healing Process

Written by: Lisa Forsythe, LAc

Trust nature. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers unmatched healing opportunity for the modern world. Supporting the healing process is sage advice for all. Those who cultivate health enjoy life.

Once when presenting a seminar on Disney Cruise Line, a man suffering back pain for 17 years asked, “Can you cure it in 1 treatment?” I responded, “Although this is Disney, unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand”. I then added, “Please realize people don’t get sick overnight, nor do they heal in a 1 hour treatment; it is unrealistic.” Here in the U.S., we are McDonald’s people; we want it now. If we can put a man on the moon, possess brilliant medical technology, than surely we can “fix” our health.

American’s health is rated near the bottom as compared to peer developed countries. The World Health Organization rates the U.S. world rankings in mortality, survival, and life expectancy as #37. Could it be that many liken their bodies to a car? Take it to the shop, get it fixed and done! Humans are not machines. We are not made by machines, nor can they fix us. Humans can repair machines but technology cannot tame nature. Only humans can see the whole body and it’s ever changing environments. The wise recognize there is no magic bullet and take responsibility for their wellbeing.

“Disease comes fast like on horseback, but disappears slow like on foot”. This Spanish saying sums up how many view disease. Health issues seemingly crop up out of nowhere. In fact, symptoms take considerable time, even years to manifest. Long before dis-ease appears, an imbalance occurs due to stress, diet, emotions, and/or lifestyle. Symptoms are often ignored or masked by pharmaceuticals. Many seek the quick fix through operations find that cutting out symptoms does nothing to treat what was responsible for creating them. They prefer technology to nature thinking something outside of ourselves is responsible for making us better. Treat the root and symptoms start to disappear.

How does a finger cut heal? From within. How fast? It depends on the strength of your immune system.

When Dr. Bo-Shih Ni is asked how long treatments take, he says, “If people came when symptoms first appear, results are swift. It’s like a small hole in the wall easily patched. However; when people have been sick a long time, have had multiple conditions and operations, and are taking many meds- recovery takes time.” Dr. Ni describes this like a gaping hole in the wall which compromises the foundation; more rebuilding is required. Supporting our innate healing mechanisms help us feel better faster.

The Chinese say, “7 parts nursing, 3 parts treatment”. “Nursing” means proper nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Diet, exercise, sleep habits, emotions, and everyday life choices have profound impact. Daniel Reid, TCM practitioner states, “Those who squander or abuse the precious treasures of life suffer the poverty of chronic disease & premature death, while those who cultivate and conserve them enjoy the riches of health and longevity”. This common sense is unknown in Western cultures. We tend to spend our energy to the point of exhaustion whilest ignoring our body’s alarm signals for help.

We work with patients in all stages of the dis-ease process to rebuild their systems. Bowel movements, urination, sleep, and appetite functioning are the compass we steer from. Improving these inborn bodily functions sound simple but are the foundational cornerstones towards all recovery. Acupuncture, herbs, food as medicine, and lifestyle changes work in concert to provide lasting results. Monthly seminars are given to introduce Chinese Medicine and the healing process.   Our goal is to help patients recover, cultivate health and “graduate” so they know longer need us. Trust in nature to revive health.

“The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness, the inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”   ~ Chinese Proverb

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